In search of identity. Consistency of the brand and shopping experience at the highest level.



Area of work

  • rebranding
  • web design (UX/UX)
  • web development
  • art direction
  • photo & video production


We began our collaboration with Joanna Olszewska, the founder of the SO.WHAT brand, by designing and implementing a new online store based on the SAS platform. During our work, we felt that the brand needed assistance on a larger scale than just changing the online shopping experience. There was a missing element that would make the brand stay in the customer's memory for longer – its identity. We received the green light from Joanna to present our proposals.


How to tell a brand through images? Iconic photos that you can feel.

Today, the image reigns as the king of communication. High-quality photos and video materials, maintaining the brand’s style, can convey more than the “About Us” section. We crafted a photo plan executed entirely in our studio. Four backgrounds, though different, complemented each other. Continuous lighting ensured the possibility of photo and video production, while appropriately diffused light provided soft, artistic shading. The chosen model and her stylings turned out to be a perfect match.

The subtly vintage aesthetic we proposed unleashed the dormant potential and gave so.what a previously nonexistent identity. The brand gained a unique, easily recognizable DNA. In garments that were previously just quality products, sensuality and uncompromising attitude stood out. In this way, we met the expectations of our clients, giving them room for a full interpretation of the brand.


Clear shopping path and user-friendly website. Isn't that beautiful?

Changing trends, collections, and seasons require a website that is easy to manage independently. We’ve created a mobile-friendly modular platform that can be customized to meet current needs while staying within our chosen aesthetic. The first view features a visual video. Next, we have a slider showcasing new arrivals, as well as the option to showcase specific products and categories (e.g., sweaters) with product variations within. We’ve also highlighted the brand’s founder as a silent protagonist, transparent and not overshadowing the products, to enhance customer trust.


The store’s user experience (UX) deserves special mention. The user’s path through the shopping process is streamlined and clear, minimizing the risk of abandoned shopping carts. A clear product view provides essential product information and access to a photo gallery that scrolls independently of the description. You can select a specific photo and enlarge it to see details. Below, you’ll find suggestions for similar products recommended for completing your outfit.

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