Punkt. is an author’s bistro that serves dishes based on seasonal ingredients.



Area of work

  • communication strategy
  • rebranding
  • art direction
  • photo & video production
  • print design
  • UI/UX design
  • web development
  • interior design lifting


Punkt. is the second restaurant whose owners entrusted us with a transformation. We're not just talking about rebranding, but a comprehensive change (or rather the creation of the initial strategy) in brand communication within the digital realm, as well as altering the perception of the restaurant both externally and internally.

After several consultations, we gained insight into the challenges ahead. Together with the client, we established shared objectives, identified the target audience, and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the business. We defined the brand's positioning and outlined the necessary actions to implement the newly created strategy.


Unplanned eclecticism, or cognitive dissonance. Task: to create order in disorder

We dedicated the first month to delving into the purpose, vision, and values of the brand we aimed to rebuild. We thoroughly examined the competitive environment and defined the restaurant’s perception from the perspective of its current customers.

They were full of dissonance. There was a total mismatch between the values the owners sought to convey and what the restaurant guests actually experienced. This process facilitated a rediscovery of the brand’s essence and laid the groundwork for developing a visual and verbal communication strategy.


There’s no successful branding without a holistic understanding.

After collaborative workshops with our client, we reached a unanimous decision that the current state of the brand couldn’t sustain itself. We decided to completely redesign the restaurant, incorporating valuable insights from the workshops. It was also impossible to miss the very interior of the restaurant, which plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall perception. Even with outstanding cuisine and impeccable service, without the right ambiance, we can’t effectively convey the essence of the brand, which is extremely important nowadays.


We ensured consistency throughout the naming process.



We designed logo, printed menu, prints, digital advertising, interior and exterior branding.



With a comprehensive understanding of investment costs, we achieved a cozier, brighter ambiance. We introduced diffused lighting, toned down excessive elements, and infused the space with a trendy vintage vibe. And the best part? We accomplished all this while staying within a reasonable budget, minimizing financial strain.


Part of the strategy also involved creating aesthetically pleasing paid advertisements in the form of Instagram stories, targeted towards the appropriate audience group. The aesthetic of the advertising layouts carries on the visual aspect of the brand, utilizing the same color palette, language, and creating a friendly, open atmosphere.


Capture the moment, act on the senses.

In the era of social media communication, it’s impossible to successfully promote a restaurant without good photos – both culinary and interior shots. Photos are key to reaching customers in the gastronomy industry, serving as accessible ambassadors that can influence their senses. Properly presented on photographs, dishes almost come to life, as if we can already taste them and imagine their delightful aroma. It’s just a step away from actually visiting the restaurant.

During the content production, we ensured that the final result would align seamlessly with the previously designed branding. The exceptional lighting exposure at Punkt. and the vibrant, green backdrop of plants greatly contributed to the process. Thus, the photos were captured in soft, natural daylight streaming through the wide, glazed window. We focused on capturing details and the juiciness of the dishes, while still highlighting the social aspect of dining. Shared meals bring people together and influence our well-being. Our aim was to convey this atmosphere of relaxation, warmth, and togetherness.


A welcoming website that evokes cozy feelings — like a delightful dinner with loved ones.

In an ideal scenario, a website represents the brand’s atmosphere. This is also the case here. When creating the web design for Punkt., our focus was to showcase the restaurant as a high-quality, friendly, warm place that builds its menu based on local ingredients. The look we proposed “smiles” and instills trust. It’s like friends with whom the time spent celebrating a meal pleasantly stretches. The smiling emoticon is also the centerpiece.

With the help of the website, we display all the branding elements: colors, logo, photos, motion design, retro atmosphere, and even the restaurant’s interior rebranding. Color is an element we decided to play with, juggling solutions in a subtle way. And so, we came up with a layout in three color versions: Retro Yellow, Vintage Salmon, and Classic Ecru. Users can freely choose their preferred theme, and the color of decorative elements on the website changes accordingly. A delightful feature is the highlighted menu – each part of it has its own background color. Moreover, this color matches the one used in the printed menu.

We also incorporated animated elements into the website. They serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose. An example is the moving element in the Menu tab, indicating current promotions – this way, the area stands out more. Additionally, the entire page features smooth scrolling and animated underlines in the form of waves, indicating clickable elements selected by the user.

Web design is not just about aesthetics, colors, and animations. Equally important is the functionality of the overall user experience. We particularly focused on optimizing the service of renting space for organized events. To gather all the information in one place, facilitate the reservation process, and present this possibility, we created the Reservations tab.

The website is comfortable and easy to navigate. Text blocks are small and comfortably arranged on the layout. The background color provides a good contrast with the content, making it more readable. Considering Punkt.’s tourist location, the website was created in both Polish and English languages.

The project was recognized by Awwwards.com with Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence awards.

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