Mana Mana

Branding maturing with the brand. Check out the tool that has optimized individuality.



Area of work

  • Communication and marketing strategy
  • ID & Branding
  • Art-direction
  • Photo & video production
  • Web design & development


Mana Mana is a Gdynia-based brand that handcrafts unique bags. Over the course of several years of collaboration, we've gone through various stages of growth and changes – from the first rebranding to developing a strategic plan and creating a new image in line with the status quo. We've also managed social media, organized image photoshoots, and designed the Bag Creator, which gave a fresh direction to shopping trends among customers.


Colors and shapes like a second skin. How to visualize the DNA of a brand?

The logo we’ve created is based on the font used in branding. Its horizontal placement in two lines organizes and tames the energetic name, Mana Mana. The edgy design is directed towards modern, self-confident, and conscious women. The colors highlighted in the key visual are electrifying, encouraging creative action, and unleashing the creative spirit. They also reflect the colorful personality of Marcelina, the founder of the brand. They are highly visible, which works well on outdoor projects like billboards.

We expanded the brand’s identity to printed materials. The gift card, along with its semi-transparent envelope made of parchment paper, utilizes space efficiently to include essential information. Bubble envelopes in fuchsia stand out among other parcels and allow the customer to enjoy their order as if it were a gift to themselves. Stickers serve as a connecting element for the community. For the branding of the packaging, we used a print from our proprietary material, Mana Lastryko, which is used daily for making bags.


Energy flows from movement!

Branding also makes its presence felt on Instagram and in stories advertisements. Eye-catching animations serve both an aesthetic and informative function (e.g., “Contests” or “New products”). Wave-shaped animations draw inspiration from the brand’s coastal roots. For engaging with fans, we’ve created a set of animated stickers for use on Instagram. They are visually appealing, readily employed in communication, and serve as a unifying element within the brand’s community, akin to a signature or an internal language.


A many space for experimentation

The readiness for change and openness to new experiences are part of Mana Mana’s DNA. That’s why the brand eagerly embraced the opportunity for temporary sales in the shopping center, and we took on the task of creating the right space. We designed and coordinated the construction of a pop-up store in the Galeria Bałtycka shopping center in Gdańsk. The concept allowed for the presentation of products in a new environment and provided potential customers with the opportunity to get to know the brand in person, ask questions, examine products, and materials.


Products look their best against a real story

We organized and coordinated photoshoots featuring extraordinary models – customers of the brand. Our goal was to showcase the products in a natural setting, presented by women with whom others could identify. As part of our efforts to deepen the storytelling aspect, we also shared the stories of our models: who they are in their daily lives and what motivates them.


You want to be one of them

Based on the marketing strategy we prepared, we observed that the majority of Mana Mana’s customers are urban dwellers or those living in proximity to large cities. Data portrayed an image of an educated, world-curious woman who seeks to stand out. We created lifestyle images with models that capture the essence of city living. We showcase Mana Mana products in everyday use against aesthetic backdrops, illustrating that a handbag can be an eye-catching accessory that reflects one’s character.


The recipe for success? Let customers act!

The Bag Creator is a tool that empowers customers to independently design their dream product. The initial version of this tool significantly influenced sales behaviors by redirecting traffic from multibrands (e.g., Etsy, Pakamera) to the manufacturer’s website. However, it still required expansion and automation. The new version of the Bag Creator has been synchronized with the store, maintains separate inventory levels, and generates tickets that contain all the necessary information for production staff. The ordering process has been automated, which significantly reduces the time associated with accepting orders. Thanks to a UX-oriented mobile-first design (with 80% of buyers placing orders via smartphones), we have significantly shortened and streamlined the purchasing process, making it convenient for users.

A small studio with big ambitions, full of ideas