Kurs na biznes

An ASAP rebranding – official business project in a refreshed form.



Area of work

  • visual identity
  • motion design
  • print design


As a brand supporting social initiatives, we have been collaborating with our hometown since 2015. We have created several editions of the Gdynia Kreatywna project from scratch – we’re the creators and implementers of this concept, starting from strategy, through branding, to project logistics.

Therefore, we gladly accepted the proposal for another collaboration from the city of Gdynia. Our task was to rebrand a business competition with a 25-year history, whose formula had been refreshed. The organizers aimed to make it appealing to young people who have business ideas and want to pursue them in Gdynia. The trust we received from the city and the opportunity to rebrand this iconic project were a great honor for us.


Race against time – literally and metaphorically.

The 25 years of existence in the previous format represent a rich history for the project, but also a period that has worked against it. The organizers, who have always directed their efforts towards the younger generation, noticed that this generation is evolving and significantly differs from the previous recipients of the project. The project and its branding had depreciated over time, thus requiring a refresh and the implementation of modern design solutions.

Speaking of challenges, we must also mention the time constraints we faced. We presented the first results of our work after two weeks, and the entire project was given one month for completion. Despite the tight timeframe, we maintained our standard design process, paying attention to every aspect – from branding and naming to the brief and communication with the client.


Course towards... a logo. How to encapsulate an idea and many years of history in a single symbol?

We began the design process by creating a new logo. The name “Kurs na Biznes” evoked the association with an arrow pointing in a direction. We redirected it towards the letter “B,” resulting in a simple, minimalist emblem – visually clear, well-visible, and with great potential for animation, which was crucial for our subsequent actions. The design stands out with almost mathematical precision. It maintains consistent line thickness throughout, with each angle set at 45 degrees, and every circle inscribed in the sign has the same radius.

The logo and other content in the key visual are based on the Neue Machina font, designed by the renowned and esteemed Pangram Pangram Studio. This trendy, timeless choice significantly influenced the graphic overhaul.


A target group in the offline and online world. Goal: visibility from both sides within one stylistic convention.

A well-visible outdoor activities were very significant. We prepared billboards, posters, and animations for citylight carriers. We employed a gradient based on shades of pink and purple, which was a less conventional choice in the business world. The interplay of these colors is intriguing, enlivens the surroundings, and easily catches attention in urban spaces.

Naturally, we also considered online initiatives – the foundation of reaching out to young audiences. Utilizing Instagram Reels, we proposed a series of videos and animations. After our rebranding, all project elements gained freshness, capturing the audience’s attention, and the color scheme along with the motion design encourages action.

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