Galeria Bałtycka

Content close to people. Comprehensive communication strategy for a shopping center in Gdańsk.



Area of work

  • SM communication strategy
  • art direction
  • photo & video production
  • Events & activations
  • Social media


Our cooperation with Galeria Bałtycka began in 2013, before the significant boom in marketing activities on social media. At that time, we started organizing the Polfash Bramee fashion fairs to promote Polish brands. In 2016, after four successful years of collaboration, we proposed to Galeria Bałtycka to take over the comprehensive management of their social media. We have been responsible for this ever since, creating new cycles, formats, and activations along the way.


You are the hero! Communication in the context of customers and location.

The communication strategy we presented involved demonstration of sales offers in real-time. Product photos began to appear not only in the form of posts, but also in the reviews of individual product groups or gifts propositions. In addition to creating content, post content, and publication schedules, we are also responsible for moderating user comments, responding to their messages, running paid advertising campaigns, and promoting events organized by Galeria Bałtycka.

So far, several formats and recurring posts have been created to engage the community, put the audience at the center, and relate to the location of the Gallery within Gdańsk. The photo session series #GBgirl and #GBman showcase the offerings of clothing stores while also featuring our female and male customers. Meanwhile, the series #galeriawewrzeszczu and #galeriawgdańsku highlight interesting places in the vicinity and delve into their histories. The Style Hunter series, Influential Guests, and various activations are separate, broad topics, which we will elaborate on below.


Get caught up! A cult series featuring stylishly dressed customers of Galeria Bałtycka.

#GBstylehunter is a series in which we photograph interestingly dressed customers of the Galeria Bałtycka. The goal of this campaign is to showcase how the style of Tricity residents changes over time and to inspire others to express themselves through their fashion choices. At the same time, we promote Galeria Bałtycka as the fashion hub of Gdańsk. The series began with a one-day event organized during the Polfash Bramee fair in 2015.

Then we also recognized the potential of the initiative showcasing the style of ordinary people, giving them a voice and a chance to show themselves. Our intuition didn’t fail us. Today, Style Hunter features over 1000 photographed individuals, and the #gbstylehunter posts on Facebook and Instagram continue to reach high numbers.

Taking it a step further, we invested in special actions, serving as attractive elements to engage the community. For one of them, we invited eight individuals whom we had previously featured as part of Style Hunter. The results of the professionally conducted photoshoot with them were displayed as outdoor advertisements in Gdańsk. In this way, we promoted the Baltic Gallery as well as the cycle itself, creating content that showcased our customers in roles typically reserved for professional models. This time, the person became the focal point of the project, rather than just a backdrop for the presented clothing.

We also organized final special events to honor participants from throughout the year and introduce an element of competition. As part of the finale, we selected the Styling of the Year, and the winner received a shopping spree at the Gallery with one of the well-known fashion influencers, such as Maffashion, Jessica Mercedes, or Pani Ekscelencja. Our longstanding presence in the fashion industry resulted in the opportunity to attract notable guests, making the events a great success.


Viral marketing that responds to societal needs

Under the slogan “You don’t have to take your dog shopping, but it’s good to know you can,” we prepared an informational video campaign in 2016. At that time, such actions were not yet popular, so we were even more determined to create something unique that would resonate with people organically, addressing their needs. We became fortified in this desire when, during a marketing meeting, we came up with a slogan that everyone unanimously recognized as having potential. Based on it, we wrote a script and filmed a video with a dog actor that captured the hearts of viewers. Intuitively, we felt that such content was necessary, as we were addressing a significant problem and offering our solution. Its reach confirmed our belief – the video went viral and garnered over 8 thousand reactions, over a thousand comments, and nearly 4 thousand shares on Facebook.


About the success of the boutique that was visited by crowds (and we built it from scratch)

At the end of 2019, influencer Jessica Mercedes Kirschner opened the first Warsaw boutique for her own clothing brand, Veclaim. As we had previously collaborated with her, we proposed to her the idea of opening a Veclaim pop-up store in the Baltic Gallery. We immediately sensed that it would be of great value both to her and to the Gallery, which would become the only physical space outside of the capital offering the sought-after brand. We offered Jessica a project that no one had ever proposed to her before. To make it meaningful, we had to act quickly; to capitalize on the hype surrounding the brand. We built the pop-up store from scratch, independently, in 8 days, so the boutique was already open in February 2020. We were responsible for its design, execution, as well as the entire process of recruiting staff to manage the place.

The structure of the boutique was essentially a separate building within the Gallery. It had its own facade, and the floor was covered with a concrete screed. Everything was planned so that the entire boutique could be dismantled in a non-invasive manner in the future. As for the details, the neon lights, impressive glass counter, and handcrafted lattice closing the boutique are worth mentioning. However, the most eye-catching element, and at the same time a nod to the original Veclaim boutique, were the velvet curtains. They were produced for us by a Polish brand that used to supply Givenchy itself for fashion shows. The Veclaim pop-up store was hugely popular – evidenced by the endlessly long queues visible in the photos.


Who empowers your community? A series of meetings with micro-influencers from Gdańsk.

As part of our collaboration, we organized a series of meetings with micro-influencers from the Tricity area. Once a month, we invited guests who had interesting passions and an influence on the Tricity community. We created a stage design, a key visual for the event, recorded intros for the guests in the form of their day at work, and shared updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Our guests included: Paulina Wilczek from @tartagrzechuwarta, Maniek from @kawanapalarnia, Remigiusz Dorawa @re.dor, Sebastian Kulis @roslinneporady, Joanna Krupicka from @avocado_vegan_bistro, Paweł “Motchloch” Stangreciak and Marcin Pacześny from @zajawatattoo_gda, Adi from @oldschoolbarbershoptrojmiasto, Marta Dębska @marta_de_35mm, Janek from @neon.streetfood.bar, Justyna from @projektkwiaty, Monika Grzelak from @monika_grzelak_dance_avenue, and Michał Bator from @zakwasowniarodzinysadowskich.


Gift your loved ones quality time. Total organization of contests.

They engage, expand reach, and attract new fans for us. Contests on social media are hugely popular – both among businesses organizing them and users eager to compete. What to do to ensure that this type of activation resonates widely, providing us with a wealth of fantastic entries? Offer the winners an experience as a prize! Shopping with a professional stylist? A makeover at the hairdresser’s? Or maybe going out for coffee and cake with loved ones on their special day? Emotionally engaging prizes allow winners to feel appreciated, while allowing us to create unforgettable and authentic content.

A total version contest – from legal foundations, through creation, to online and offline moderation – is always an event where we invest time and heart. On the day of prize fulfillment, almost our entire team is involved. All hands on deck! There’s a lot of work – we need to ensure logistics (especially if there are multiple winners), communicate with the tenants whose services we use, operate according to the pre-prepared scenario, while also creating photo and video material and posting part of it on stories in real-time. This is a task where flexibility, planning, the ability to react quickly, but also openness to people, warmth towards the winners, and teamwork are very important. Juggling these skills leaves us finishing an intense day with satisfaction.

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