Hair Experience - sensual cognition straight from the salon hairdresser. How to show it?



Area of work

  • communication strategy
  • rebranding
  • art direction
  • photo & video production
  • print design
  • UI/UX design
  • web development


We began collaborating with Paweł Brzozowski in 2022 during the rebranding and refreshing of his hair salon's website. 

Following our successful partnership, he approached us to assist in co-creating his own professional hair cosmetics brand called BRZOZOWSKI.

It was an ideal project for any agency: developing a brand from scratch. This involved crafting its visual and verbal identity, designing packaging, strategizing its market entry, creating a new e-commerce platform along with all the content, and… “You have a free rein” – he said. So here we are!


As we had previously worked on the Atelier Brzozowski brand, we had an advantage in understanding the aesthetic requirements for the new brand. The key to this was the distinction developed during the first workshop between the brand of salons and the brand of cosmetics, in which the “Atelier” element was subtracted.

Once again, we used the Tan-Pearl font as the basis for the logotype, but this time we made slight adjustments to the lettering. It makes the entire logo more distinct and adapted to printing and packaging projects.


How can we effectively promote a brand in the premium cosmetics segment that doesn’t fall under the categories of organic or slow, while still maintaining our confidence in its quality?

We tried to answer the main question during strategics workshops. The result is a communication strategy based on 3 pillars.

The first is the unique Hair Experience philosophy, offering a luxurious and nourishing experience that engages all the senses. BRZOZOWSKI cosmetics are built upon this philosophy, being exclusive products infused with enchanting perfume fragrances that elevate the hair care ritual to a truly sensual sensation directly from Atelier Brzozowski.

The second is the visual layer of the brand and its products. We took care of stunning branding, packaging and art direction for film and photo materials. The stylish set design and lighting evoke a vintage ambiance.

The third is, of course, the figure of the cosmetics creator whose name is attributed to the products. In our communication, we used an expert narrative, highlighting his over 15 years of experience. Paweł shares his expertise, discusses product enhancements that meet his standards, offers advice to clients, and dispels misconceptions.


We invite you to a feast ... An aesthetic feast! The vision of luxury goes hand in hand with a clear shopping path.

Brand BRZOZOWSKI currently offers a limited range of products. Our main goal was to present them in a qualitative manner. The website design, characterized by minimalism and an asymmetrical arrangement of photos, draws inspiration from fashion magazine editorials. The atmospheric photographs perfectly harmonize with the vintage style, creating a subtle impression of luxury and an aesthetic feast for the eyes.

In the “Shop” section, we aimed to avoid a complicated sales process that could potentially lead to basket abandonment. Therefore, our first step was to shorten the path to the product. The shop doesn’t feature a typical dropdown menu. Upon entering this section, customers are immediately presented with a compilation of articles that can be filtered at will. This increases the chances of finding the perfect product without meandering through other content.


Introducing a new product necessitates a comprehensive showcase of its capabilities and the cultivation of loyal customers who will be captivated by our vision. We have strategically planned our communications for the launch of the BRZOZOWSKI brand to acquaint users with the Hair Experience philosophy and the persona of the brand's creator.

We divided the content into 4 primary pillars: 

Product – posts that describe the new cosmetics;
Knowledge – posts featuring expert advice from Paweł Brzozowski, providing added value to help customers achieve the most satisfying results; 
Sensual Philosophy – posts centered around the concept of Hair Experience and highlighting the main fragrances; 
History – posts that delve into the creation and backstory of the BRZOZOWSKI brand.

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