Bluebird publishing

Thoughtful books – the store too. An e-commerce space that delights and supports the purchase process.



Area of work

  • web design & development
  • art direction
  • photo production


Bluebird Publishing is a small publishing house with a stable of independent authors, operating in the broad cultural sphere. Its guiding theme is valuable content that captivates with its aesthetic design. Beautiful inside and out – that is how the books published by Bluebird are, and that is how the online store was to be. An additional temptation was the full autonomy in working on the project. We could implement any solution, test, discover, and have fun at the same time. The chance to create a harmonious and stylish e-commerce space was within reach.


Books with soul – how to see it? The lens of a camera like a microscope lens.

Just as a beautiful book needs a smart interior, so a well-planned store is not just UX and a reliable back-end. We wanted to maximize the beauty of book publications, so that the potential customer would buy them not only with their head, but also with their heart, eyes, and inner desire for beauty. We organized and coordinated a series of photo shoots, the result of which were photos in the lively space of our studio. The raw, industrial climate and plant motifs turned out to be a symbiotic backdrop for minimalist covers. The photos in the space were complemented by packshots that draw attention to selected elements of the books, as well as compositions showing the same publication from several sides.


UX in the spotlight. Intuitive showcase of beauty inside and out.

We created and independently coded an online store that prioritizes the user. Our goal was to craft a space that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and serves as an aesthetic showcase in every aspect. The website was designed with the aim of making navigation as straightforward as possible. All essential elements are easily accessible, and the pathways to reach them are shortened.

To bring the project to life, we incorporated micro-animations. Custom easing (animation smoothing curve) is employed in various animations on the site, both in small, seemingly insignificant icons and in those that prominently highlight the page (e.g., layout elements appearing after the page loads). We animated the publishing house emblem designed by Studio Bison. Graphic birds mimicking the natural dynamics of flight in the loader make the waiting time for the tab to load more enjoyable for the user. The slogan visible on the homepage encapsulates the guiding idea we wanted to convey and reinforce. We highlighted it prominently to attract users’ attention and animated it so that subsequent lines load with a delay, adding dynamism. In 2020, our e-commerce project received two Awwwards: Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence.

A small studio with big ambitions, full of ideas