Atelier Brzozowski

Accessible luxury. Rebranding and Refreshing the Website of a Hairdressing Atelier.



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Paweł Brzozowski is a celebrity hairdresser and stylist who works on popular TV shows: „Taniec z Gwiazdami”, „Top Model”, „Dzień dobry TVN” and more. As the owner of three salons under the Atelier Brzozowski brand, he fulfills his clients' dreams of a flawless look. It was time to take care of his own image. The result of our cooperation with Paweł is a website and branding for Atelier Brzozowski. Our goal was to amaze the recipient and show him that a luxury experience is within reach.


Quiet luxury that creates balance.

The new branding has given the brand an aesthetic that signifies high value without creating artificial distance. The project is designed with a luxurious style that avoids the use of gold, embodying the quiet hero of design. Decorations have been minimized and confined to the Tan Pearl font, from which an elegant logo has been crafted. In its typography, you can observe flowing curves that evoke associations with hair naturally falling into waves, imparting a feminine and soft quality to the logo.

The second font (complementary) maintains a simple form, creating a balance between decorative elements and functionality. Aesthetic elements act as anchors, regulating the entire composition and preventing the striking logo from overwhelming the user’s perception. In printed materials, an elegant decorative paper Keaykolour Recycled, in a chalk color with a distinct, raw texture, has been used. Its substantial feel allows for an immersion in the gentle touch of subtle luxury. Business cards and vouchers feature embossing, presenting a simplified version of the logo. The concave shadow cast by the embossing adds a three-dimensional aspect to the design, particularly emphasized when in contact with the product.


How to stand out as a hair salon when there are already hundreds of them on the market?

In our project, we broke away from the ubiquitous glamour and opted for muted colors, an ornate logo, and a touch of vintage. The homepage is as simple as possible and serves as a showcase for the salon thanks to a stylish main image. From there, we have access to a convenient hamburger menu and a “Bookings” button.

The clear and concise page offers all the information a potential client could be looking for. The salons in Gdynia, Gdańsk, and Poznań each have their own sections. These can be reached by clicking on the address of the selected salon, which causes the page to scroll to the selected section. This technique was deliberately implemented – it also shows the content of the page and creates the impression that there is more content, and that Atelier is a larger entity than just one salon. Decorative elements in the form of animated rosettes and hypnotic icons add a unique character to the whole. The warm and soft colors of the photos, as well as the cream background, create a mood that is reminiscent of the vintage style. It is worth mentioning that the CMS was prepared so that the Atelier team could manage content efficiently themselves.

A small studio with big ambitions, full of ideas